• Study in Canada

    Studying in Canada opens new horizons to your career. Whether you will decide to stay and continue your life in Canada or explore possibilities in other countries, your Canadian diploma will always be recognized and highly valued among the top-ranked employers

    We at Interstudent.ca help people from all over the world to become Canadian students and Canadians.

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  • Work in Canada

    With its second largest territory, one of the largest supply of natural resources and just over 30,000,000 of residents Canada is the country where there's a lot of work to be done. Canadian graduates choose from a wide range of industries, top tech corporations and service enterprises. Opportunities are endless for good candidates.

    Interstudent.ca is here to pick the right education for your future!

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  • Live in Canada

    Canada always takes top positions of all world rankings, from ecology and environment to business and personal freedom. Being a student in Canada means not only receiving a world-recognized education for less, but also the opportunity to become a true Canadian after the graduation.

    Specialists of Interstudent.ca will help you to start your life in Canada from the very beginning.

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  • Immigrate to Canada

    Multitude of Canadian immigration programs are open for foreign students and workers.

    Apply for permanent residence in Canada to enjoy all benefits of being a Canadian.

    Ensure your success with Interstudent.ca!

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  • All services and consulting in one place

    Maintaining partnership with leading schools, colleges and universities we provide first hands service for the international students.

    Being an officially licensed Canadian company we take care of all your immigration and visa needs.

    We will do even more for you — check out our unique services!

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Interstudent.ca provides the widest range of services for education and successful settlement in Canada.
Come to Canada, study and graduate, find a job and immigrate — we will help on every stage!

Meet and greet

We will meet you in Toronto airport, arrange your accomodation, introduce you to your neighbourhood and provide all necessary information.

Never feel yourself alone in Canada!

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Study and make friends

With all arrangements made for you by Interstudent.ca you're ready to go to classes. That's where your new life begins.

Meet your new friends!

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Get a job

You will be included in our job database shared with Canadian employers in various industries. Get ready to start your career in Canada.

Get employed!

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Immigrate to Canada

Enjoy the rights, freedoms and benefits Canada gives to the permanent residents. Your family members are included.

Countdown to citizenship begins!

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I am glad I had a chance working with Interstudent.ca team. My new life in Canada became a reality!


Very professional team of experts in almost every field. We felt very special and important from the first form submission to airport meeting. Thank you soooooo much!–Putul and Anuj

Thanks to Interstudent team I was able to come to the country, study and eventually became Canadian permanent resident. Now I and my family live in Canada, thank you!–K.J.

I was surprised how helpful your introduction was. Virtually everything I needed during my first days was provided and explained. I easily felt myself home thanks to Interstudent.ca! Bless you and your work.–Adrika