Immigration to Canada

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Your new life in a new country

Studying and graduating in Canada promotes you to a world-class specialist; working in Canada repays your education investment; immigration makes Canada the new home for you and your family.

There is only one way to immigrate to Canada:

You must meet all requirements of any immigration program. While dozens are available, a candidate may be usually eligible under just one or two of them, since the requirements are very high. Moreover, things tend to change — new programs may open any day, new requirements may be introduced, quotas may be filled or revised.

It is possible to do the job on your own, but even though possible it is not feasible, since time is a factor and professionalism is a must when it comes to immigration. offers fully licensed and insured immigration services.

No need to rely on one agent to liaison with the academic institution, hire another for adaptation services in Canada and then transfer your case to some third representative for the immigration-related work. Working with means one seamless and hassle-free process from start to finish. Get all minor details coordinated throughout, entire scenario well thought out in advance, no annoying conflicts in whatever pertains to your case.

We have years of experience with all major immigration programs. Inquire if you qualify as a foreign student, employable candidate with arranged employment in Canada, member of the family class or as an independent candidate — we at will be happy to make your immigration a reality.

Foreign students

It you study in Canada or have graduated from the Canadian academic institution, you may be eligible to immigrate under a federal or provincial program. Type of your Canadian education, term of studies, employment and province — it does make a big difference in such case.

Foreign workers

If you have a job offer from the Canadian employer, or already go to work every morning in Canada as a temporary foreign worker, you may even qualify under more than one immigration programs. Employed and readily employable candidates are most welcome to immigrate to Canada.

Independent candidates

Just a few immigration programs are open for the candidates without Canadian education or work experience. They are super popular. Your application must be mastered to perfection and submitted in due time to win the competition.